Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Marcus ~26~

Happy 26th birthday to the Best, most amazing, handsome, smart, talented, goal oriented, kind, perfect, sweet, loving, funny, hard working man I know!!!
Birthday weekend consisted of: Braxtyn's first trip to the movie theatre to see Planes (he liked about the first 30 min), Saturday Marcus and I went to our very first Yankees game at Yankees stadium in New York City (we just drove their, no big deal!) Thanks to our good friends who helped play with Brax while we were away.  We had a Bourne Marathon that night and it lasted the weekend, then birthday dinner cake and Friends over on Sunday night -thanks to the chefs at Costco for the amazing Chocolate cake!...too good! Marcus took Monday off as well and we just lounged around all day took a trip to the mailbox to find birthday cards and his new work shoes aka "hospital cloggs".  I think he had a great weekend! I know I sure did.
Happy Birthday Marcus Pace

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