Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Marcus ~26~

Happy 26th birthday to the Best, most amazing, handsome, smart, talented, goal oriented, kind, perfect, sweet, loving, funny, hard working man I know!!!
Birthday weekend consisted of: Braxtyn's first trip to the movie theatre to see Planes (he liked about the first 30 min), Saturday Marcus and I went to our very first Yankees game at Yankees stadium in New York City (we just drove their, no big deal!) Thanks to our good friends who helped play with Brax while we were away.  We had a Bourne Marathon that night and it lasted the weekend, then birthday dinner cake and Friends over on Sunday night -thanks to the chefs at Costco for the amazing Chocolate cake!...too good! Marcus took Monday off as well and we just lounged around all day took a trip to the mailbox to find birthday cards and his new work shoes aka "hospital cloggs".  I think he had a great weekend! I know I sure did.
Happy Birthday Marcus Pace

Thursday, July 25, 2013

a little fun @ the park...

Hamden city just built a new park about a half mile from our house, right next to the city library.  Braxtyn got to go and play the other day but we only stayed for about 15 min because it was already 85 degrees and only 9 in the morning-the slides were getting hot fast! Nevertheless, He totally LOVED it.  Lot's of fun slides and he enjoyed every minute of hide and seek! 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4th of July

aWe had a great 4th of July! A little (ok a LOT) humid and muggy but the fireworks were great! Never going to East Rock again...just a mental note!
Thanks Anderson's and Belnap's for sticking it out with us! You guys are the best!
*The first picture is of Talisha and Clint's two beautiful girls! Thanks for letting me capture that moment!

Tammy and Seth in CT

Thanks again Seth and Tammy for making the trip! 
Good food, Good company, a couple essential oil classes, a few Sequence games of course dominated by Tam and I (NOT...the guys killed us both times, so lame)We had so much fun and I know that Braxtyn had a ball with you guys! 
Come again soon!
*Tammy, please don't kill me for putting the pic of you stuffing your face with that salmon burger! You look way cute! ;) So yummy!
FYI: if you ever come to New Haven go to Pier 16- their onion rings are AMAZING! gotta taste them to believe it:)

just a little pool time :)

Marcus' clinical year has been so nice his first rotation and we have totally been spoiled! Trying to get in all the play time and pictures we can before his next one!
P.S.  this last pictures makes my heart smile! love Braxtyn's hand on his daddy's leg! He sure loves his Dad!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

May update!

(picture overload....)

Had 3 new additions to the Crosby family all in just two months! 
Played in Utah! 
Went to Tanna's special baptism day
Missed Savannah's birth by 5 min:(  
Learned more about essential oils (Love them)
 Flew to VA with my mom, dad, Shirley and LaRita for Josh's graduation from Dental school(what an accomplishment! So Proud of him!) 
Made it back to CT to spend the week with Brook and Betty-left my camera in VA so no pictures:(  but still had a blast! 
Got to show my parents around CT, where we live and what we do!  LaRita and Shirley got to hang out for about a week longer! Miss not having them here!
ate amazing food, traveled to Rhode Island and New Jersey to the beach and then to a new hiking spot,
 got Whitney Donuts TWICE! Had east coast pizza multiple times
...May was a great month!